• If I were a migrant worker who had died building the World Cup stadiums I would simply matter more than an arm band

    The football fans in my Twitter feed are upset that various teams playing in Qatar have backed down from their plans of wearing rainbow arm bands in solidarity with LBGTQ+ people.

    I’ve been trying to point out that this is not surprising from anyone involved, as to be there in the first place they had to be fine with the deaths of thousands of migrant workers who built the stadiums the World Cup is being played in. Compared with that wearing an arm band or not doesn’t seem all that significant. One of them replied that it was too late to do anything about all those deaths now, and the arm bands were really the last straw.

    I can understand that. Back in the day I was no fan of the Holocaust, but then I heard that Hitler had paired fish with red wine and realized he was a monster that had to be stopped.

  • The weekend so far in cast iron pan dishes

    Deep dish pizza
  • Memento Moridomo

    We’re excited to announce the launch of our new product, the Memento Moridomo.

    Combining the grandeur of having a slave whisper that you, too, will die in your ear at moments of your greatest triumphs with the modern convenience of an alarm clock, our revolutionary innovation reminds you of your impending death at regular 25-minute intervals, after which you can take a quick triumph break.

    Remember to take a longer break every four impending deaths.

    Achieve your triumphs. Remember death.

  • Get in, we’re doing blogs again

    Twitter is going down and it’s time to fine somewhere else to be.

    I’ve looked at Mastodon and I just don’t really want to deal with federated nerds.

    I’m too old for TikTok, too ugly for Instagram, too self-conscious for Youtube.

    The last time I really liked being online was before Facebook, when people had blogs on their own websites and wrote about whatever they wanted, instead of reacting to clickbait or bad-faith pundits.

    So let’s just do that again.